Trying to function in a tiny bathroom with limited counter space can become incredibly annoying and energy draining.  Even getting ready for the day by fixing your hair and makeup can be a struggle when you barely have any counter space to spread everything out, and no one wants to spend extra time fumbling through a clutter of beauty products. If your small bathroom counter space can’t keep up with all of your stuff, then it’s time to find ways to organize it all and make it work!

Below are 8 ways that you can maximize the counter space in your small bathroom. I tried to find the most decorative and convenient ways to jazz up your  bathroom counter and create space at the same time. Keeping your bathroom counter organized will make it so much easier for you to get beautified and ready to start your day! Get the most out of the counter space in your bathroom by implementing some the hacks listed below in your bathroom!

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Use A Bathroom Tray

A beautiful bathroom tray is great way to display and organize some of your bathroom necessities.

Wire Basket Shelf

Found from Rise & Renovate

Utilize the wall space by your bathroom vanity by using a wire basket shelf to store items in and free up some counter space.


Tiered Basket

Found from Apartment Therapy

A tiered basket will give you tons of storage space for your bathroom items. Plus, it will look perfect sitting on top of your bathroom counter.


Decorative Jars

Found from Style Me Pretty

Decorative jars are the perfect little accessory to make your bathroom look chic. Plus, they are great for storage!


Dollar Store Candle Holders and Glass Cups

Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

If you are up for a small DIY craft, then take a glass cup and glue it to a candle holder to create this awesome storage hack.


Use Command Hooks To Hang Your Hair Tools

Found from The Frugal Female

When you are done using your hair tools, hang them on command hooks on the inside of the bathroom cabinet door.


DIY Makeup Organizer

Found from A Beautiful Mess

Keep your makeup brushes and supplies handy by creating this super cute DIY makeup organizer.


Pallet Mason Jar Organizer

Found from Glam Shelf

If you want to create extra storage space and add a rustic touch to your bathroom, then this pallet mason jar organizer will look great in your bathroom.


A clear and organized bathroom counter will make your bathroom look clean. Keeping your small bathroom counter clear and organized will be undeniably easy when you implement some of the ideas listed above in your bathroom.