How to Factory Reset HP Laptop

If you want to learn more about how to factory reset HP laptop, you may find this article helpful. However, we will first look at what is a factory reset, for those who do not know about it.

Thanks to the developing technology, we mostly do our jobs or other things from our electronic devices. These devices make many things much easier for us and they are very useful. We do shopping, participate in online meetings, prepare our reports on these devices, and communicate with other people. It is important that our devices are fast and create no problem. However, sometimes some problems occur in devices and we need to resolve them. Thus, we can benefit from factory reset.

What is a Factory Reset?

Sometimes problems can emerge in our electronic devices. They may work slowly, for example. Or there may be some files that have a virus. When it happens, we mostly tend to resolve it quickly. Thus, a factory reset may provide us this solution that we are looking for. Before looking into the question of how to factory reset HP laptop, we will look at what is a factory reset. A factory reset means restoring the device to the factory settings. It restores the software to the original. Therefore, it generally erases all user data in the device. So you can use it as a new device. Nevertheless, it depends on the option that you choose.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop

If you want to learn how to factory reset HP Laptop, you will find this information in this part.

  • First of all, you should write “reset pc” in the search box of Windows. Then, you will select “Get Started” on the page.
  • If you want to save your data, you should click “Keep My Files”.
  • Then you can click next and reset your computer.
  • If you want to erase all your files, you can choose “Remove everything” and select the best options for you.
  • Then you can reset your computer.

Now you know about how to factory reset HP Laptop, we should note that it may not be suitable for every problem in your device. Besides, you should select the best option for you because you may lose your data in the device that you do not want to lose. So, you must be careful when you choose to factory reset your device.