How to Install Bathroom Mirror Without Breaking

Mirrors might change the entire look of your bathroom. If you think about remodeling your bathroom, you can purchase a new chic mirror. Bathrooms are not complete without mirrors. They are the place where you wash your face, brush your teeth, and put on your makeup. In addition, they make your bathroom lighter and seem much bigger. Installing a mirror is an easy task, but it is important to hang it without breaking. This guide will teach everything that you need to know about how to install bathroom mirror without breaking. There are two main types of bathroom mirrors: framed and frameless. We will talk about both of them in this post.

 How to Install Bathroom Mirror Without Breaking: Some Tips for Installing a Bathroom Mirror

The first tip about how to install bathroom mirror without breaking is to know the type your wall. If it is drywall, a tack will go in easily. Secondly, you need to know your mirror weight in order to know if your hanging hardware is sufficient or not. Finally, if your mirror is heavy, it needs brackets to support it on the wall, and if it is frameless, it needs special clips to stay in the wall.

How to Install a Framed Mirror

If you are wondering about how to install bathroom mirror without breaking, you have come to the right place. If your mirror frame doesn’t have a bracket, connect a wire between two side brackets. The curve of the wire when pulled tight should below the top of the frame and then, you need to twist the wire sound itself several times. After that, mark a location on the wall and attach a hook. Finally, you can hang the mirror wire on the hook and adjust your mirror. 

How to Install a Frameless Mirror

If your mirror is small, it can be hanged with clips, but if it is large, you can install it to the wall using mirror adhesive. The first thing you need to do is to mark the location of the mirror and then, use mirror adhesive to the wall or the back of the mirror. After that, move the mirror into position. This is the last step about how to install bathroom mirror without breaking. Now, you have succeeded to install your bathroom without any damage.

Bathroom mirrors can add more than just functionality. You spend a lot of time across the mirror everyday. They make your bathroom seem bigger and more elegant. Hanging a mirror to the wall might seem easy, but sometimes, you have some challenges to install a mirror, because if your mirror is heavy, it might be broken. Therefore, it is significant to know about how to install bathroom mirror without breaking. If you worry about installing a mirror to the wall, you can follow these easy and practical steps. We hope that this read is helpful to you.