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This article is an answer to “How to Screen Record on iPhone” question. iPhone devices are the best quality devices in the smart device world with functional hardware features and powerful and stable software. Apple, which manages to bring new features to the taste of each new iPhone version, maximizes the user experience.

For mobile device users, screen recording iPhone is essential at many points. With this in mind, Apple has put such a feature on iPhone devices. In this way, all iPhone users can take iPhone screen recording without using any jailbreak, i.e. screen video capture application. The question of how to record the iPhone screen is naturally wondered by its users.

iPhone Screen Recording Feature

Users who want to record a game or a different operation performed on their smart mobile phone can take advantage of screen record iPhone features and software. For many different reasons, it may be desirable to record the phone screen instantly. At this point, there are various elements that will provide this feature for all smart devices.

However, the iPhone is offered to users to have a screen recording function ex-factory. Therefore, the video recording of all transactions made on the iPhone screen can be taken without any additional fees and limitations. Most users are unaware of this feature of their device, even though they have it at the factory. Therefore, people can wonder how to record iPhone screen.

The answer to the question of how to record iPhone screen is quite simple. All iPhone users can have the opportunity to take video recordings of the operations they perform on the screen in a very practical way. Thanks to the screen video recording function on all iPhone models, screen video recording can be easily recorded without the need for extra software.

Thanks to the iPhone screen recording feature, there is no obligation to connect iPhone devices to the computer and at the same time no additional program or application. Especially iPhone users do not have to deal with paid and free software that performs this function in the market for how to record iPhone screen in order to record video of the actions they perform on the screen on their devices.

There are many screen video recording programs and applications on the market that can be used for how to record iPhone screen. Although it has free options, it either has too many limitations or embeds watermarks that contain its own advertisement. For this reason, it causes the screen video footage to be made by the user to be quite problematic and causes the iPhone screen to search for how to screen record on iphone.

How to Screen Record on iPhone

However, it is possible to perform transactions without having to deal with all of these by using the iPhone screen recording feature currently available in the iOS mobile operating system on iPhone devices. However, most users do not know how to record the iPhone screen because they are unaware of this iOS feature.

iPhone Screen Recording

Together with the iOS 11 mobile operating system developed for iPhone devices that were recently released by Apple, the iPhone screen is the answer to the question of how to record iPhone screen. Because the Screen Recording feature, which comes pre-loaded on the iOS 11 mobile operating system, can be used instantly and practically by all users.

Thanks to the Screen Recording feature, it is possible to record video of the operations to be performed on the screen with high image quality without the need for additional software, application or external connection. There is a detailed explanation for the question of how to record iPhone screen.

It is possible to find the answer to the question of how to record iPhone screen through the control center. Because Apple’s Screen Recording feature, which has started to be pre-loaded with iOS 11 version, is located in the control panel.

There is a fairly simple explanation for those who wonder how to record screen iPhone. With the help of this explanation, all iPhone users can have the opportunity to use the Screen Recording feature on their devices instantly.

Note: It is absolutely necessary to use iOS versions 11 and above in order to take screen videos without an iPhone program. In previous versions of iOS, this can be done with additional programs.

It is very easy for iOS 11 versions and later for iPhone screen recording and how to recording iPad screen.

In this context, for the question of how to record iPhone screen, respectively;

  • It should be entered in the control center under the iPhone and iPad settings menu.
  • Include with the customize option in the ‘‘Control Center’’ section should be examined.
  • The ‘‘+’’ icon, which is the screen recording object, should be included in the include section.
  • By clicking the ‘‘+’’ icon in the ‘‘Control Center’’, screen recording can be started.
  • By clicking the ‘‘+’’ icon again in the ‘‘Control Center’’, screen video recording can be ended.

The procedures in the form should be done. Thanks to these processes, the answer to the question of how to record iPhone screen can be created. Along with how the iPhone screen records, screen video recordings can be made with sound and silent.

To prepare the video aloud during iPhone X screen recording;

  • The ‘‘+’’ icon must be held down in the ‘‘Control Center’’.
  • The microphone icon should be turned on-off in the menu that opens.

Whether there is sound in the videos can be adjusted with the above processes.

How to Get iPhone 7 Screen Recording?

In the question of how to recording the iPhone screen, additional programs are needed before the iOS 11 version. For iPhone 7 devices that use iOS 11 before version, how to record iPhone screen, special programs are needed.

Programs that can be used to record the screen in iPhone 7;

For those who are wondering how to record the iPhone screen, there are paid and free alternatives to these programs. However, in terms of their reliability, performance, and efficiency, the personal experience must be taken into account for how the iPhone screen records and which one to use.