What Generation Is My iPad 2020 | Find Your iPad Mini , Air , Pro Gen | how do i know what generation my ipad is, how can i tell what generation

What Generation Is My iPad ?

With the increase in the types of electronic devices, people can be confused about which one to buy and use. So, we prepared this article in order to learn some qualifications for iPads. If you are thinking about buying an iPad or having some problems with your existing device, this article can give you some […]

How to Screen Record on iPhone - how to record on iphone - how to record your iphone screen - iphone x - iphone 8 - iphone 6 - iphone 7 with sound

How to Screen Record on iPhone

This article is an answer to “How to Screen Record on iPhone” question. iPhone devices are the best quality devices in the smart device world with functional hardware features and powerful and stable software. Apple, which manages to bring new features to the taste of each new iPhone version, maximizes the user experience. For mobile […]